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AI & Mixed Reality for CRM

Heading for a smart CRM?

Pimping an Instagram post with a filter, nowadays it’s the most natural thing in the world: after years of buzz, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mixed Reality (MR) are becoming an increasingly tangible part of our lives. For CRM, AI and MR only truly become valuable if they work fór us and are relevant to us.

The promise of AI

The beauty of AI is that machines are much more capable of making complex calculations than humans. AI can learn independently (by retrieving and processing information), reasoning (drawing conclusions based on rules) and correcting itself. Take Spotify for example that presents new music every week that suits your taste.

The one condition is that AI must be fed with reliable and current data. In practice this can turn out to be quite a challenge, but the opportunities that AI offers companies can be extremely rewarding. For example, for sales professionals, AI can independently discover opportunities to upsell, predict customer value and validate customer data.

Discover Weekly presents on a weekly basis music that matches the music taste of the user. Source: Spotify.

AI for CRM

Getting greater results from customers and data depends on your CRM. AI for CRM uses the data in your CRM to make calculations and validate information. Such as Salesforce, where Einstein checks a customer’s contact information so that the sales rep is sure to call the right person. It will also check the profession and tell the sales representative what actions the customer has recently taken (such as downloading a white paper).

Einstein checks and validates customer data and helps sales reps to be more successful. Source: Salesforce.

Two biggest challenges with AI: Corporate culture and lack of data or poor data quality

Unfortunately, starting out with AI is not that easy. O’Reilly researched the limitations companies face when implementing AI.

After recognizing the usefulness of AI, the biggest issue is that a shortage or low quality of data does not allow AI to function effectively.

At this point, companies experience a fundamental problem. They must first organize their data management before they can begin using AI to its full potential.

Data shortages or poor data quality limit companies in the implementation of AI. Source: O’Reilly.

So data management is key, but who takes responsibility?

If you want to start using AI, you have to correctly manage your data.

But, which department in the company takes responsibility for this?

Sales often have no time to update customer data. Finance then has to look up information to send the invoice and compliance relies on multiple sources of information when onboarding customers.

Departments work side by side and they all need the same data.

That’s why we developed Olbico Master Data Platform: a solution that cleans CRM, enriches it with global business information, and then monitors the data 24 hours a day. With our platform, companies always have up-to-date, validated business data without anyone having to manually update CRM.

The next question is: how can we present all that data in an attractive and clear manner?

Visualize AI with Mixed Reality

AI is a real-time mathematical wonder. But the presentation of AI is often dry (as you saw with the simple customer card in Einstein).

This can be much better presented with Mixed Reality. Mixed Reality is an experience that merges the physical and digital world. The physical and digital world literally come together giving the user the ability of full control. It’s important to note that you do need VR glasses for this, such as the Microsoft HoloLens.

An example where Mixed Reality is applied in business is Ford. Ford designs their cars in 3D, but the design is limited on a computer screen. Thanks to Mixed Reality, the design can be projected in full on a physical chassis of the car.

Ford uses Mixed Reality in the design of their cars. Source: YouTube.

CRM in Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality can also mean a lot for CRM. At the moment, there is no CRM offering Mixed Reality yet. That is why Olbico himself took up the gauntlet and explored the possibilities of Mixed Reality for CRM with Microsoft HoloLens.

From a dry dashboard to a smart, interactive assistant

Olbico’s CRM actively avoids dry and unfriendly user dashboards. Rather, it is an intelligent, proactive system that operates from the central core of your organization. It is a smart assistant that independently discovers and graphically presents opportunities as well as threats.

A unique experience is created allowing you to immerse yourself in a 360-degree view of your customer’s situation.

Olbico – The Future of CRM in Mixed Reality. Source: YouTube

Experience CRM in Mixed Reality for yourself

Do you want to experience CRM in Mixed Reality for yourself through the eyes of Microsoft HoloLens? We are happy to give you a free demo at our head office in Amsterdam. Book yourself a day and time via a demo request or send us a message.

The Microsoft HoloLens at the Olbico headquarters.

Book a demo with one of our product specialists. Pick a day and time yourself.

Book a demo with one of our product specialists. Pick a day and time yourself.

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